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Airport Shuttle




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Airport Shuttle is the most comfortable solution for the transport between Tartu and Tartu airport!

The passengers leaving Tartu can order Shuttle to any place in Tartu, from where they will be picked up at agreed time and taken to the airport.

The passengers coming to Tartu are awaited by Shuttle at the airport and will be taken to any place in Tartu.

Shuttle also has 3 regular stops – Annelinna Keskus, Tartu Kaubamaja and Tartu Lennujaam.

Find schedule HERE.

Further information Order the bus

With comfortable Mercedes Benz Sprinter buses, seating up to 19, we make regular and occasional trips always regarding your wishes:

  • Transfers
  • Excursions
  • Trips for employees
  • Trips for pupils
  • Services by events

We are ready to offer transport solutions for the clients with very specific needs! Ask your offer HERE!


Further information
Order the car

You can order a car with the driver.

We can offer following cars:

  • Škoda Superb
  • Mercedes Benz E
  • Renault Trafic (...8 seats)


Ask your offer HERE!

 If you need a car without a driver please contact our partner




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